World Peace Begins With Inner Peace

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Will mankind ever be in harmony and am I delusional?

John Mayer said in song that he and his friends were waiting on the world to change. Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result. They are both spot-on.

As we live in our history and historical traditions and meanings passed down via family and the collective, we want the world to change and yet we keep making the same choices as in a repetitive loop.

I don’t have the power to know when, where, and how to make mankind be in harmony; however, this does not make me powerless, but powerful when I finally realize that the only person I have any power over is myself. This is now the world I live in. It is a powerful world of choice based on the ultimate act of Unconditional Love being Free Will. There would be no such thing as Free Will without Unconditional Love. I get to choose. Not for the world, but for me.

I get to choose Unconditional Love and not continue repeating the claims from my previous living or learning. I get to choose to make my choices from this place of love. I get to embody that love in my being and in my demeanor. I get to share my love with others. I get to see the divine in all other human beings in that Unconditional Love rather than finding fault and assigning blame. I get to live in this way each and every day now and it is the most glorious place to be.

It is worthy of all, and yet, they also have Free Will to choose as they will–what they will think, how they will act, how they will be. That in its perfection is my world now. I cannot change the planet but I can change the planet within myself. In this, I have 100% power and authority. And I do it NOW.

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