When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Is Delighted

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 “The pupil can only educate himself.
Teachers are the custodians of apparatus
upon which he himself must turn and twist
to acquire the excellencies that distinguish
the better from the poorer of God’s vessels."
— Martin H Fischer
[Classic post from 8-26-11]
Today, I got to do one of my favorite things. I got to give a class that I call Commercial Trucks 101. I’ve done it well over a hundred times to over a thousand people over time. I’ve been teaching this class since 1995 and since it is mostly based on fundamentals, it really hasn’t changed. I think it is a great class because there are some unique ways complicated information is made simple, and also memorable.
What does change is the participants, or students and what they bring to the class. Some come because they were told to. I can live with that. Some come with an attitude that indicates they are not the least bit interested. I’ve been known to radically eject them. Most are at least mildly interested for a wide variety of reasons, and generally, the class is a bit of fun and there is good participation which makes it more fun for everyone, including me.
Once in a while, I get the rare and distinct privilege to have students who show up early and demonstrate they are really interested and today was one of those occasions. I even stayed an hour over and extended the training because they were so receptive to it.
I give it my best each and every time I give this class regardless of who is attending, and I so appreciate those that come ready to hear, learn, and do. It makes my day, and today I enjoyed this immensely.
This is one of the things I do that I love to do. Whenever I do something that I really love to do, I seem to excel at it and am thrilled by it at the same time. Even if only part of a day or part of a week goes like that, any other obstacles are insignificant in comparison.
When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Is Delighted!
Spread Some Joy Today–Do something that you love to do! Just for the joy of it.
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