What Is Great About This Problem?

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“We live our entire lives
through our perspective." 

— Albert K. Strong 

I learned from Tony Robbins in his Awaken the Giant Within book about what he called, The Problem-Solving Questions. I focused on question number one: “What is great about this problem?" 

What I love about these questions, and especially the first one is how it flips our learned thoughts and behavior completely around. Instead of what is wrong or what is bad, he asks us to look at what is great about this problem. I took that and asked it in a simpler way, and from a larger perspective, what is good about bad? 

It seems true that many of us have this tendency to see the bad, or what is wrong, and to lament about it, and even expand the size of that ill. Things then easily go from problem to crisis, from inconvenience to disability. But, if we learn to ask some freeing questions that can shift our perspective, we have a whole new opportunity to change our world within immediately.

Here’s a good plan on how to do this. First, look at the situation, or problem, and admit that it is there but from the perspective of it not being attached to us. I see this problem here. I recognize that I am not feeling good right now. This problem seems to be causing this. Second, after accepting the situation for what it seems to be, ask question one: What is good about this situation or problem? If the clouds are so dark as to not see the sun, ask it a different way: If there could be something good about this, what might it be?

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