We Don’t See Out. We See In.

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“Our eyes do not see out,
they see in."

— Albert K. Strong

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Our personal perspective is said to be what and how we see something. I think it equally is applied to what we hear.

What we see or hear does not create our perspective. Our eyes and ears are not like bots going out to retrieve information. Instead, they are receivers or receptacles. We don't see out, we see in.

Quite often, we may think that if that thing or situation, or something written, or heard were to change to be more to our liking, this would benefit us. It cannot. This is because that which is being received is filtered through our inside and that which is inside of us creates our perspective.

In other words, we must own our perspective because it is our own and it comes from inside of us and not from the outside, other people, events, and more. Trying to change our perspective by trying to change the light and sound coming into us is a complete waste of time and energy. It cannot succeed. We can only change our perspective by changing one or more things within us.

Our perspective is an accumulation of our experiences, our training, and our thoughts, throughout our lives. Changing our perspective can only be accomplished by modifying those filters that filter all the light and sound we receive.

As we become willing to own our own perspective and choose at will to mold it to our liking, we gain control of our lives in a way that is so empowering.

One of my favorite Abraham, Esther Hicks affirming quotes speaks to this exactly:

“Today, no matter where I am going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I wanting to see."

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