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All emotion is thought. And, at the same time, a response to thought.

This was the 14th message of the 20-day stream beginning with the concept of everything is thought.

I have studied this stuff for a long time now and the single most powerful source of resonating knowledge for me is from Abraham, Esther Hicks. They make it simple and I love simple.

Numbers 15 and 16 expand on this: “All emotion is internal and external communication." And, “How we feel explains our thinking. Most of our thoughts are passing and benign. The most powerful thoughts are those filled with emotion. The greater the emotion or feeling, the more powerful the thought or action."

All emotion is communication from our Source. We could call this our soul or higher power or Source within, etc., but it is communication to our physical brain and body from that which is above and outside of our physical senses. We know it inside by how we feel and in our awareness, this demonstrates to us what we are thinking because so often we are thinking without awareness. It is external communication because how we feel is demonstrated by our physical being. It shows. Others can see it. We can see it in the mirror. It is internal and external communication of the highest order.

Our thought determines how we feel and how we feel is influencing our thoughts. The stronger the feeling, the greater the power of the thought that created the feeling, to begin with. You could see this as power, determination, conviction, unwavering resolve, and more. Emotion is a powerful thought that adds power to thought as it scales upward in strength.

If you really wanted something and felt the strength of your resolve to have it, as the emotion is extended and expanded, that something must come to you. That is how powerful thought can be.

As a young salesman in the early 1970s, I wanted to win trips that were offered and more. I focused on pumping up my emotions and resolve in many ways and these trips came to pass. I didn’t really understand it then, but it is completely clear to me now.

The power of thought laced with the power of emotion is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe.

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