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One of the most powerful things that I learned from Anthony Robbins was how impactful our choices of words can be on our perspective of things, people, and events. Words can help change our state of mind, our attitude, our outlook for the better or for the worse. More often than not, our word choices are habitual and unconsciously stated and so tied to our history or collective history for their meaning. Much of this was dictated and is being dictated to us in an effort to influence our thinking and more importantly, our behavior.

Words definitely have power; however, they only have the power that we give them through the meaning we assign them or accept from others.

Periodically, I like to change common words to evoke a whole different feeling than those words used to have for me. Here is just a few I wrote down the other day:

Faults. I don't have any faults. I may have idiosyncrasies, but I don't have faults. There is no one to blame. We are each unique. Faults becomes idiosyncrasies. [I especially like this one!]

Good. A better word for good is aligned. I am in alignment. I feel as if I am resonating in alignment. I feel aligned. Resonating is also delightful choice.

Bad. Nothing is bad. It is only feels a bit off or amiss. Bad is such a harsh word. Amiss is soft and fuzzy. A bit off is out of kilter, a bit wobbly, etc.

Right. This word holds so much history. Anytime we can eliminate this word may be very helpful. Rather than right, it is appropriate.

Wrong. Another massive history word. Rather than wrong, it is askew or out of alignment. This change takes all the negative power away and leaves so much room for improvement and change.

Evil. Such a harsh word. So much history. It is like the maximum bad. But what it really is is unpleasant. It feels unpleasant. They seem to be unpleasant to me.

Left or Far Left. Such political baggage. They are not that. They are port and portside. Of course, for the right we could use starboard.

Justice. Nothing but history attached to this word. What would be more appropriate? Review. It is only a review. Or, it might even be a re-view.

Judge. Way too much history here too. Change this word to interpret. Change judgment to interpretation.

Peace. Great word but so misunderstood. A better choice I think is unity.

War. About the harshest of actions on the planet ever. Change it to contention or uncontentment. We aren't at war with them or that country, we are in uncontentment.

So, this is just a thought-starter for your transformation. And, I think that transformation is a good word for what can happen when we begin to use different words for things in life that are overloaded with historical meaning. Enjoy your lighter adventure!

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