Today, I Choose.

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Today, I Choose.

Today I choose to have a ball, enjoy myself as much as I choose to, spread joy wherever I can, and glow in the awesomeness of the things around me. I will choose to have a wonderful time working, doing things that help others and are a benefit to their business, and though sometimes the workload may seem full, I seem to find a way to enjoy it.

Today, I choose to be in awe of God and all that God has made for my enjoyment whether it is being out on a walk watching and feeling all that is around me, or whether I just look out my window at the blueness of the sky, and the wind tickling the leaves and branches of the trees.

Today, I choose to share my bountiful love with everyone today, whether I only think of them, or whether I meet them in person. Today, I also choose, and not necessarily in that order, to love myself by appreciating who I am and have become and am becoming and how everyone I have ever met has had some part in that which is me.

Today, I choose to live fully, enjoy pleasant and loving thoughts, bless those who choose to serve fear and pain, while moving away from their influence in a timely manner. Today, I choose to associate with uplifting people, uplifting news, in an uplifting world. Today, I choose my own perfect world.

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