“To Do” Or “To Be” Love

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As you begin to learn and grow in spiritual consciousness, your inner ear becomes more sensitive to the guidance and counsel of God’s indwelling Spirit, and you grow in attunement with the divine principle of love. Where your human way had been “to do" love, you find the Spirit is creating you into a “being" of love, “to be" love. “To do" love is ultimately contrived and inauthentic and therefore falls far short of love’s possibilities. Growing in the image of God is the process of inner heart opening, of movement from self-centeredness to God-centeredness, and from control to trust.

— An excerpt from Reflection 84 in the Reflections of the Heart book by Donna F. Fletcher

I see this passage as moving from conditional love that is most predominant to unconditional love and unconditional acceptance as I have come to know the love of God to be, and that I am eager to emulate.

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