The Treasure Chest

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Within each person, God implants a treasure chest of latent possibilities awaiting that person’s birth into life, and He gives each person special talents for the artistic expression of life. This means that you are a creative artist, and will create your life according to your vision. Some will create, with great heart, their dreams. Some will abdicate the gift of being an active doer and acquiesce to the passive role of non-doer. Such people never know the joy and fulfillment of taking, from their treasure chest, their gifts and talents, and of using them to create a life of beauty and fullness.

Life is what you make it. Your life can be a beautiful painting if you develop the inherent gifts of vision, honesty, courage, devotion, and steadfastness that can be found in the treasure chests you received from God. With your vision, you can dream dreams, with honesty you can create from the center of your truth, with courage you can accept life’s pain without giving up, with devotion you can give heart to your life. With steadfastness, you can withstand the storms.

Donna F. Fletcher
Reflections of the Heart

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