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“Divesting meaning from memory…
This is how history can be healed.
It is being re-known.

To re-know the memory
is to release the ideas attached to it,
and gift it with neutrality, without bias."

— Paul Selig

Albert Einstein so famously said many years ago, “The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking." And, one of my favorite quotes of his is his enlightened definition of insanity which is doing the same things and expecting a different result.

I never realized until very recently how much our history affects our present. They say that if we don’t remember our history that we are doomed to repeat it, but the reality is that we repeat it and have been repeating it for hundreds if not thousands of generations. A truly perfect example of this history is continually taught from parent to child, and through media, and is so pervasive that we think it is a law. That example is right and wrong. Right and wrong are judgments. As we judge, so shall we reap. Yet we continue.

So Paul Selig, via his channeled books, shows the way to heal the past and to heal the present and to heal the future all at the same time. Cease judgment. Stop finding fault and instead see all as what it really is, events, circumstances, choices, and all are purely neutral until we insert judgment which then polarizes them and creates all manner of rules to deal with them, and punishment is the end result.

Yet this is all fear. Fear has one single purpose: To recreate itself. It must create more fear. The Law of Attraction will ensure it. However, there are two possibilities to transform this into joy. One is to see everything as neutral. It is what it is. It happened as it happened. What can I learn from this? What is this here to teach me? The other is to find appreciation, to share love, to spread joy, to express kindness. The Law of Attraction cannot do anything other than to compound those choices into more of the same, and even greater joys.

Anytime that you may be feeling low or down, do as I have and take a giant leap backward. Look at the image in this post. In this image, there is nothing to judge. There is no right and wrong. There is only what it is. There are not even any visible humans, though billions of them are down there. It is peaceful here. There is love here. There is joy here. There is awe and wonder here.

We have the power to heal ourselves and our land as we maintain our sanity, and our love and joy.

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