The Mirror In The Other

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“Why become enamored
or enraged at the mirror

when it is simply reflecting
what you are sending to it?" 

— Alan Cohen 

What if that person in front of you that you are communicating with is the mirror?

What an interesting thought. Consider that what you see in the other person is a reflection of what you are sending. It doesn't matter whether you're a salesperson, a husband, wife, child, best friend, total stranger, bank teller, plumber, teacher, student, or any other person or position. I think that we get back through others what we ourselves are sending out.

Which makes it all the more important, and interesting fun too, in all your interactions from now forward. Pay attention. See what happens. Ask questions of yourself, such as, what am I sending out? How am I feeling about that? As I see my reflection in others, how is that causing me to feel? What's up with that?

There is an old saying, “go forth and multiply." Well, that can't be helped. We do it all the time whether consciously or unconsciously. How about we go forth and multiply a little love, respect, joy, enthusiasm, appreciation, freedom, empowerment, and all that resonates with the best within us? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting your love light shine through.

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