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“Could a greater miracle take place, 
than for us to look through 
each others' eyes for an instant?" 
— Henry David Thoreau 

[Classic post from 5-10-16]

It has been said that the eyes are the window of the soul. Looking into people's eyes is a special thing. You can see a lot of their expressions, or reactions in their eyes. When people hide their eyes behind dark glasses or in more subtle ways, they are hiding a lot of non-verbal information that is so important in human interaction. Indeed, they are hiding the essence of themselves.

I have long enjoyed looking into the eyes of my lover as we are making love. It's like it takes that wonderful act to a whole new level.

As a sales manager, I've taught salespeople to never, ever, under any circumstances wear sunglasses–even in the middle of a bright sunny day surrounded by everything white. When prospects can't see your eyes, they instantly do not trust you. I cannot stand to talk to someone with sunglasses on. If I can't see their eyes, there is something very important missing in the conversation.

I think it is so important to give people the perfect attention of looking at them, especially looking into their eyes in a friendly conversation, or even in a confrontational exchange. Either way, it just goes better.

Then there is the magic of what I call the miraculous moment. Maybe you're driving or riding in a car and people are walking toward you on the sidewalk, and then you are watching and, all of a sudden, you lock eyes for just a moment with a complete stranger. I've always imagined that there was special communication going on in that moment–volumes of it–that we can only feel a sense of but not recognize in the normal way of communication.

That is a special time. You could be on a platform watching a train moving through the station and all of a sudden you lock eyes with someone on the train. Or, you're walking and lock eyes with someone in a car. In most of these scenarios, we are in a situation where we cannot stop. Yet in that moment or occasionally a few moments, we are exchanging information soul to soul, I believe.

You probably know what I'm talking about. I'm sure it is a common thing, though perhaps never mentioned. I just call it all magic. It is the magic of how we communicate with our eyes–when we have plenty of time, and also when it is as short as a moment.

Enjoy All Your Miraculous Time Today Looking Into The Eyes Of Another Human Being. 

Spread Some Joy Today–feeling the magic of being alive.

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