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“What sweetness you feel when you are touched at the heart level by the beauty of a piece of music and understand what this means. From Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Phantom of the Opera, the song “All I Ask of You" brings tears to the eyes of lovers. Their hearts are moved and informed by the knowledge of the preciousness of the other person, the fragility of life and their appreciation of this moment in time.

Love brings to the moment its gift of blessing, and in that moment is a knowing beyond knowing, an eternal knowing. This is a glimpse of God’s kingdom on earth. The tender sweetness a mother feels when she holds her newborn child, knowing its preciousness, its innocence, and its vulnerability, is a glimpse of God’s heaven on earth. Honoring the preciousness of another is a heart-knowing act, a moment of God’s informing us of the meaning of love in God’s heaven.

God gently urges us to grow in this love, that we might live more and more in the kingdom of love. This is our highest good. To feel the tenderness of the heart is to recognize the preciousness of the other, and to experience the conscious awareness of this as blessing is to integrate the mind and heart in loving. Gradually, the Holy Spirit grows and strengthens the heart that it may know more and more holy moments in Divine Love.

But lest we become lazy and let time slip by, we should remember the words of William Blake:

We are here for only a little while
to learn to bear the beams of love.

— Donna F. Fletcher
Reflections of the Heart
(Reflection 105)

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