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The triangular drama game is all about resistance. If there were no resistance, there would be nothing to persecute, rescue, or any victimization. All negative emotion is resistance. All fear, and its many forms, is resistance. We are taught resistance to the point that it may be called an art form. We are really, really good at it.

This points the way to the exit of the game by indicating that all we need to do to exit is stop resisting. It is not without consequence, but it requires no effort. We simply let go. Being in the game is much like playing tug-o-war with one or more others. The others can be people or ideas. All we need to do as we desire to exit is open our hands and let the rope of resistance fall to the ground. And as long as we do not pick it back up again, we are free.

When in the game and thinking of leaving the game, the first thoughts are focused on resolutions. We think that as our conditions are resolved the game will disappear. We want closure. We want to actually prosecute and receive justice. We want to create a rescue foundation. We want our complaints to not only be heard but taken seriously. The need for resolution only prolongs the game and even if it were resolved, new issues are always on the horizon. Letting go of the resistance that is the game itself is the only solution that works, providing we are committed to that release. We will recognize the feeling of freedom right away and at the same time, we may feel the loss of a habitual train of thought and/or activities. Yet as we are increasing our focus on allowing and loving without any resistance, we recognize how much more joy, peace, and love fills our lives.

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