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“Men are disturbed 
 not by things that happen, 
but by their opinions 
of the things that happen." 
— Epictetus 

[Classic post from 1-16-16]

I'm rereading some Wayne Dyer books, and right now it is, There Is A Spiritual Solution For Every Problem. I found a note that I wrote in the margin on page 105 from my first reading and I thought I would share it here. But first, let me give you what he was writing about that inspired my comment. 

He was referring to how energy vibrates in higher and lower frequencies, and that this energy is inherent in the physical features of a place, or even in people and things. He gave many examples of this, and I will take just one portion of a paragraph.

“My visits to Dachau near Munich, Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, Alcatraz in San Francisco elicited similar feelings of low energy atmospheres of suffering. Similarly, entering the energy field of the Great Pyramids, the sacred hills of Sedona, Arizona, and the ancient holy shrines on Bali evoked feelings of being in a higher and faster energy field. The important thing here is not to give you an endless list of examples but to encourage you to awaken to the fact that energy is something radiated outward that impacts for eons of time everyone who enters that space. You have the choice of making your energy field environment blissful by sending out this kind of consciousness, or you can impact your environment in non-blissful ways."

Here is my margin note: “If he didn't know of the history and there were no historical markers, etc., would he have still felt the same energy?" In other words, how much of the vibrations that he felt had he brought with him?

I wonder. This isn't scientific, but I wonder if our opinions–our own energy at work, might have more to do with how we feel the vibrations of the things and people in our world. It sure seems that way to me. How we feel is so connected to our thoughts that it seems inevitable to have our own vibrations interpreting other vibrations.

Jean Paul expressed it this way: “Whoever believes in the good in people draws forth the good in people." We get to choose how we vibrate simply because we get to choose our thoughts, and consequently how we feel about ourselves and about others, as well, about places and things.

Isn't That The Ultimate Power? Of Course, Only When We Take Charge Of It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding and being around the things and people that help raise your vibration to one of joy.

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