The Bad News And The Good News

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“The bad news is that we have fallen into an ego belief system that other people’s shit causes all our unhappiness, stress, and lack of peace.

The good news is that we can discover that it’s not other people’s shit causing the turmoil in the world, it’s our own shit that’s the culprit.

Another way of looking at it is to notice that other people’s shit smells so awful that it makes us want to puke, yet the smell of our own shit doesn’t seem to bother us. Dear reader, consider the possibility that if we all took responsibility for smelling our own shit and got rid of it, we could bring peace and harmony into a world that is filled with darkness and conflict.

We take a giant step in our journey when we become aware that it’s only our own thoughts that hurt us.”

Gerald G. Jampolsky
The “Oh Shit” Factor
Waste Management For Our Minds

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