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“The art of living does not consist in preserving
and clinging to a particular mode of happiness,
but in allowing happiness to change its form
without being disappointed by the change."
— Charles Morgan
[Classic post from 12-28-11]
I love this quote by Charles Morgan. I have learned it well; albeit, most of my life, I clung to a great many particular modes or requirements. Now I think I could choose to be happy under almost any circumstance, and I believe this because I've been practicing doing just that.
To me, this quote speaks of unconditional love and also allowing or being very flexible.
It is so darn easy to love the lovable. It is so darn easy to be happy under pleasing circumstances of my choosing. However, to have plans change mid-stream, or have others inject their preferences, it could be an opportunity for a little pouting, or attempted manipulation, or just plain being a disagreeable person.
What really sets our love apart, demonstrating to all our flexibility and allowing is to have changes come unexpectedly and yet consciously change our thinking to choosing happiness and joy based on the new criteria.
If you're an avid pouter as I was, people will be very surprised by your new flexibility and cheerful demeanor even under trying circumstances. And, you will know better than anyone what a joy it is to have that full level of control in choice and response.
How Easily And How Curiously We Go From Plan A to Plans D, E or F Is A Very Important Skill.
Spread Some Joy Today–Changing is easier when you do a little at a time. The key is to keep going.
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