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“The past has passed. It is no longer,
except as the stories that we tell today.
Pay attention to the stories as you say them.
You cannot change the past; however,
you can change the story you tell." 

— Albert K Strong

Gerald Jampolsky, in his book, Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, said, “We seem to consider it “natural" to use our experiences of the past as reference points from which to judge the present. This results in our seeing the present with distorted dark-colored glasses."

He goes on to say, “To let each second be a new birth experience is to look without condemnation on the present. It results in totally releasing others and ourselves from all the errors of the past. It allows us to breathe in freedom and experience the miracle of Love by sharing this mutual release. It allows for an instant of healing where Love is ever-present, here and now."

The past was. I cannot change the fact that it was. But, what I can do is tell a different story now:

Hello. I Am Terry, And I AM LOVE. I've Been Loving Since I Decided To Love And I Am Loving Still. Now, I Spread Love Wherever I Go. Today Is The Best Day Of My Life Because It Is Only In Today That I Am Alive!

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