Teaching It Is Easy. Living It Is Not So Easy.

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“It is easier to teach what I know
than it is to live what I know.”

— John C. Maxwell


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It continually amazes me how things come to me and strike a chord or say something is such a way as to help me express myself or ideas more easily. Today, I was doing a blog post for a client using a John C. Maxwell video and in this video near the beginning, John made the statement above and I instantly related to it.

I’ve been studying positive thinking, spirituality, and accumulated wisdom for over 40 years now. In addition, I’ve been writing these daily inspirational messages since 2009 and every once in a while I might be accused of not living up to what I write about. It’s true. And, it’s true because it is easier to teach it than to live it. Although, no one could ever be right thinking that I am not self-disciplined enough to practice what I preach so to speak. That is because I do practice every single day.

Sometimes I catch myself after I’ve said something stupid or out of alignment with my practice, and then I come into my awareness and realize that I truly want to be in alignment and not out of alignment. Then, I am back teaching and living it. My goal has always been to live it and to live it consciously and openly, yet I still have an ego that tries to exert control from time to time. Well, actually, it is all the time trying to be in charge, but as I’ve said before, me is not in control of I. I am in control of me. After I’ve seen the ego have its way for a time, I step in and take control back and this time frame has gotten shorter and shorter as I’ve practiced what I teach.

Frankly, one of the benefits of teaching is expanded learning and having the opportunity to line up with that teaching by living its values. I am constantly in practice now toward walking my talk and leading by virtue of my own example.

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