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Sometimes I take stock and make lists. I've shared one before that at the top of the page in a notebook I write, “I love…" Then I start listing everything I can think of that I love regardless of what or who it may be. It is such a grand exercise and doesn't consume much time and has huge benefits, even into the future.

I've carried a notebook with me in my travels for a long time. I got the idea from Abraham, Esther Hicks which they call a book of positive aspects. In this book, I chose a few people and wrote down everything that I thought was positive about them. It is a delightful exercise in finding more joy and hidden treasures we may not ever think of. I just went through it the other day and found two new lists like the I love list. It is fascinating to look at those lists from 2014 today.

One list has at the top of the page, “I'm thankful for…" I filled in three pages. I won't burden you with the whole list, but here are some examples:

Music, guitar players, bass players, subwoofers, God, songs, songwriting, music recording, beautiful and unique voices, drummers, distorted guitar, egg sandwiches with pepper jack cheese, freedom, my emotional guidance system, my desk, my iPhone, telephones, the Internet, along with a lot of people.

The other list I titled, My Life, and wrote this at the top of the page: “I have learned so many things in a short period of time and I love learning still! Some of these are:" Then I started writing. Here are a few samples:

I've learned so much about the Internet! (In 2008 I started an Internet business), I've learned to feel joyful in struggle, I've expanded my capacity, I see a future so bright it burns my eyes!, I've learned that it is okay to focus on what I want instead of what others want for me, I can find joy in every day, It's okay to say no, I can remain calm even when others around me are panicking, I'm learning to be okay with me as I am, I'm learning to not make things a big hairy deal. It is OK. Things will turn out well, It's okay to let go of things.

I don't suggest doing this all the time or even regularly, yet taking stock from time to time and saving the lists so you can see where your head and heart were then is a surprising benefit.


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