Giving and Receiving

It has often been said
that to give is better than to receive.
I completely disagree with this truism.
If there is any measurement worthy here
it would be they are exactly equal.
They are equally important, equally valuable,
and equally, enhance our joy.

For either, or both of these to work fully,
it is important, to begin with, a grateful heart.
From a grateful heart, giving is joy.
From a grateful heart, receiving is joy.

How we receive has everything to do
with how we are willing to give.
And, let us leave ‘things’ out of this for now.
How we receive life, events, circumstances,
and all manner of so-called problems
has everything to do with
what we are willing to give.
Our perspective is engaged in all we do,
and all we share, and all we are.
Underneath all, we are love.
And, love gives and receives equally in joy.

Injoy Your Day Today