I Honor You

Good day to you wherever you may be. I love you. I honor you. You are perfect the way you are because you are.

You are all-powerful in that you have the power of choice. You are a skilled creator. You create all day long. You choose all day long. The only thing that causes any roadblocks to your joy is what Lao Tzu from a few thousand years ago refers to as the Mother of 10,000 things. As I have become willing to see beyond the 10,000 things, I find that I can love without conditions. This choice allows me to see myself in another and to forgive judgment as I would have judgment forgiven me. I may not like or prefer choices others may make but that doesn’t matter when it comes to love without conditions. Whatever choice another makes is their choice and if I am to honor them and honor myself at the same time as the word Namaste signifies I must see beyond the 10,000 things, or as I am so fond of expressing, to let go of the rope and cease all resistance. In this place, I AM Love and as Love, I Love all.

I honor you. I respect your authority to choose as you will. I love you without any conditions. You are perfect the way you are. I hope you feel the joy in that as you delight in your day today and beyond.