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Flowing and Glowing

“Letting Go
Permits The Flow
And Creates The Glow.”

— Albert K. Strong

Some people say that we have to accept the world as it is, things as they are, and fight, fight, fight for what we want. I like how Alan Cohen puts that into perspective. He says, “If you must accept what is, then accept the presence of love, beauty, abundance, and perfection.” 

How do we know where we are? By how we feel. I know what love, beauty, abundance, peace, and joy feel like. I also have experienced and so know what hatred, anger, resentment, powerlessness feel like. You could say that if it feels good, it is, and if it doesn’t feel good, it is. If it feels good, it flows, and if it doesn’t feel good, it sticks. That’s how we can know and then choose as we will.

Just Get Happy!

“Everything that I think that I need to do
is all only in order to propel me to some place
that when I get there, I think I will be happier.

So, everything that I am doing,
no matter what it is,
all of my lists of rights and wrongs…
are all about me getting to a manifestation
that I believe I will then be happier…

So, why don’t I take a short cut
and just go get happy?”

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

Believing It Is True

“The thought that you think,
you think,
which attracts to it;
so you think it some more,
which attracts to it;
so you think it some more.

In other words,
when you have an expectation,
you’ve got a dominant thought going on,
and Law of Attraction is going to deliver that to you
again, and again and again.
And you say,
“The reason that I believe this,
is because it is true.”
And we say,
the reason that you believe it,
is because you’ve practiced the thought.

All that a belief is,
is a thought that you keep practicing.”

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

Spread some joy today by realizing that joy is your natural dominion and that the only roadblock is practicing a belief that this is not the case. Stop. Pivot. Choose again. Joy is your dominion.

Love and Reprimand

“In order to experience peace instead of conflict,
it is necessary to shift our perception.
Instead of seeing others as attacking us,
we can see them as fearful.”

— Gerald G. Jampolsky
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

This quote from one of my all-time favorite books is so powerful that it is worth reading again and again until our perception shifts. As we think someone or perhaps several are attacking us, the trained response would be to go into defensive mode. We judge the attacker and we fantasize about their intentions and motives. We sound the alarm inside and as we think about defending ourselves, our honor, our territory, we go into war mode. What is that old adage about the battle? The best defense is a good offense. We become the attacker also. On and on it goes expanding and spreading like cancer that is taking over our body.

Yet as we are willing to not become attached to the attack and give it no energy, we can take the wonderful choice to see the attacker as not an attacker but someone who is fearful and perhaps even taken over by fear. Fear is where all battles exist. They cannot exist in love. Once we can see what is going on as a choice between love and fear, we can choose love. We can see that the one in fear is really calling for help and is, therefore, a request for love.

When we choose to see through the eyes of love, we cannot react habitually as we might have before. Now, we see the fear in the other and we choose not to be fearful and because we see with the eyes of love, we love them regardless of what they seem to be projecting. The title of Gerald’s book is a succinct and powerful phrase. Love really is letting go of fear. It is a choice. We can choose love. We all can.

I Always Have The Choice

“We all have the power to direct our minds
to replace the feelings of being upset, depressed,
and fearful with the feeling of inner peace.

I am tempted to believe that I am upset
because of what other people do
or because of circumstances and events
that seem beyond my control.

I may experience being upset
as some form of anger, jealousy, resentment, or depression.
Actually, all of these feelings represent
some form of fear that I am experiencing.

When I recognize that I always have the choice
between being fearful or experiencing Love
by extending Love to others,
I need no longer be upset for any reason.

Throughout the day,
whenever you are tempted to be fearful,
remind yourself that you can experience Love instead.”

— Gerald G. Jampolsky
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

Only I Can Choose My Thoughts

“In my mind
are thoughts that can hurt me or help me.
I am constantly choosing the contents of my mind,
since no one else can make this choice for me.
I can choose to let go of everything
but my loving thoughts.

I am determined today
that all my thoughts
be free from fear, guilt, or condemnation,
whether of myself or others,
by repeating:

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.”

— Gerald G. Jampolsky
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

Choosing Peace

“Repeat to yourself whenever you feel
that your peace is threatened by anything or anyone:
I choose to see the unity of peace
instead of the fragmentation of fear.

I could see peace instead of this.”

— Gerald G. Jampolsky
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

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