Squeaky Shoe Solution

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I bought some sneakers that felt good on my feet and I liked them quite a bit. Then they started squeaking with every step. I thought they had gone bad or something and I was not happy about it, so I threw them on a shelf in my closet. Then two years later, I tried them again. They felt great but they squeaked as bad as ever. I have an issue with one foot and need to have Superfeet insoles, so I pulled out the insert, and everything looked good. Then I thought, maybe some lubricant would help. silicone spray is kind of messy, so I thought, maybe talcum powder would work. So I put some between the insert and the insole. Squeak gone. Then I wore them every day for a week and still no squeak. I’m a happy camper again. Then I remembered that another favorite almost worn-out pair had a squeak on one shoe. I did the talc thing again, and guess what? Squeak gone! 

Don’t you love it when you solve problems? Even ones on the shelf for two or three years!

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