Simply Repetitive Thought

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Everything is thought.

Is Thought.

Thoughts Become Things.

Things Is Our Experience.

We Choose Our Thoughts.

By Choosing Our Thoughts,
We Choose Our Experience.

To Choose A Different Experience,
We Must Choose Different Thoughts.

Since Thought Is A Choice,
Every Choice Is A Perspective.

All Perspectives Are Valid And Unique To The Perceiver.

Thought Is So Powerful
That It Directs The World And All Experience

Every Kind Of Thought Exists And Is Valid.

We Have No Power Or Authority
Over Any Thoughts Other Than Our Own.

Our Thoughts May Influence Or Be Influenced;
Regardless, Our Thoughts Are Solely Each Our Own Responsibility.

All Emotion Is Thought
And, At The Same Time, A Response To Thought.

All Emotion Is Internal And External Communication.

How we feel explains our thinking.
Most of our thoughts are passing and benign.
The most powerful thoughts are those filled with emotion.
The greater the emotion or feeling,
the more powerful the thought and action.

As a thought is thought often,
and particularly with entangled emotion,
it becomes a belief and part of our philosophy.

A belief does not require reason or explanation.
It is simply repetitive thought.

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