Separate And Equal

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Separate but equal is a phrase that has been used in the past regarding class segregation. Of course, in that reference, the emphasis was on separate and the word equal was not the least bit appropriate in that phrase under those conditions.

As I thought about the phrase separate but equal, it has new meaning to me because I now see that we are all separate but equal. We are individuals. We are all equal in God. I think it works better as separate and equal. Getting the but out is an important distinction. We are all of the Divine. We are all of the same Source Energy. And yet, at the same time, we each are experiencing an independent body, mind, and experience.

The most interesting part is that we each get to choose our perspective at any given moment. As we align or stay in tune with the unconditional love of that equality we may choose to spread that joy, roll around in it, pour it over our parched bodies in need of hydration, and delight in the wonder of a love that powerful and all-encompassing. Ahhhhhhhh. I’m in joy just thinking of it.

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