Self-Depricating Humor Is Not Funny

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It has been said by many that to be able to laugh at oneself is a sign of maturity and confidence. It has also been said that self-deprecating humor is one way we can laugh at ourselves and fulfill that edict of it causing us to have maturity and confidence in ourselves because we can laugh at our mistakes, missteps, failures, and foibles.

I think that this is pure crap.

Any form–I mean ANY form of self-deprecation–is a tragedy. What is needed is self-congratulatory. What is needed is celebrating ourselves, our value, our relationships, our love, and so much more. Belittling ourselves so that others might think we're funny is not really funny. It is belittling ourselves, making us less than, putting ourselves down so others can feel good about themselves, and so on. Why should we ever put ourselves down for any reason? Pure junk.

It's time to celebrate every single day. No matter what. Celebrate the experience of living. Celebrate the love that we have in our lives and the love that we feel for others. Let go completely of the need to make ourselves less so that someone else can feel better. We rock! We are. We matter. Regardless of who else is around us and regardless of their position or title in life, we matter. Celebrate!

Now, I do agree that we need not take ourselves too seriously. Our ego wants to be in charge of that, for sure. However, we need to appreciate ourselves more because we are all valuable. We need to celebrate ourselves more because we are all deserving. We need to love ourselves more because we all deserve to be loved.

Rather than laugh at ourselves or each other by finding fault, let us love and respect each other and ourselves as we see the love and joy in each other on our journey in this life we share.

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