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“Love is not denying ourselves 
and doing for others, 
but rather it is honestly expressing 
whatever our feelings and needs are 
and empathically receiving 
the other person’s feelings and needs." 

— Marshall B Rosenberg 

Continuing this quote, Marshall says, “To receive empathically does not mean that you must comply–just accurately receive what is expressed as a gift of life from the other person. Love is honestly expressing our own needs; that doesn’t mean making demands, but just, “Here I am. Here’s what I like."

Consider the first line of the quote at the top: “Love is not denying ourselves." Moreover, “Love is not denying ourselves and doing for others." When we allow the love that is already within us, that is virtually guaranteed us, that is the love to end all love because it is the Love that is Eternity, that is God, that is All-That-Is, we need not look without for any fulfillment in the way of love. That doesn’t mean that we don’t welcome love from others, but that we don’t seek it, that we don’t need it, that we are already whole without it. It is a blessing when it is there and a blessing when it is not there, for we have all that we could ever imagine within at our Source.

I love so many quotes by Wayne Dyer, and he exuded love in all of his teachings. One that fits perfectly here is, “If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again." That is the love that is within that is our Source, that is only figuratively walking beside us, and is constantly within us guiding our every step and thought as we allow that to be.

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