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 “If we want our children to value education,
Then we must show our appreciation for knowledge."
— Brad Sherman
[Classic post from 03-29-11]
If we want our employees to value customer service, then we must show our appreciation for customers. Whatever we want others to do, or value, we must lead the way.
I remember my parents telling me when I was young, “don’t do as I do, do as I say." You see, that doesn’t fly very well. In one ear and out the other, and even more than this, it causes a lowering of respect for the parent, boss, teacher, spouse, or other.
I encourage our team to read books or listen to audiobooks because I know it will be of great benefit to them. At the same time, I lead the way at least 10 books ahead of them. I value and appreciate knowledge and lead by example. It works better too.
My parents told me not to smoke as they were puffing on their cigarettes. They did a lot to try to discourage me, but it was just more of their don’t do as I do things.
I used to see that at work where the manager was saying to do a certain thing one way and then he did it another way, and so on. There were numerous situations where that applied and it never made any sense.
Better to not give any advice than to say one thing and do another, yes?
What’s Good For The Goose…
Spread Some Joy Today–Forget about what others are doing or not doing and just focus on what you want and how you want to be. There’s so much more joy in that.
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