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“By respect for life, we become religious 
in a way that is elementary, profound, and alive." 
— Albert Schweitzer 

[Classic post from 1-3-16]

Yesterday I was thinking about how in the doing of something, it becomes easy to appreciate those that have done that thing, including those who may do it much better. As an author, I very easily now appreciate other authors and what they do to produce a work. Having gone through my own process to produce a work, I have at least a fundamental understanding of it, which leads me to appreciate even much more complex processes the other authors were required to do to create their works. Some even take years of research before writing a sentence.

Lately, I’ve thought about songwriters in the same way. Having written a number of songs, I understand better. Some come fast and very easy, but that is pretty rare. The rest you wrestle to the ground, but the biggest appreciation I have for other songwriters is their commitment to staying with it and growing in that.

A long time ago, I was a journeyman-level auto mechanic. If nothing else came of my efforts in this area, one thing is very clear: I so appreciate a good mechanic, and especially a good diagnostic mechanic.

For the biggest portion of time in my life, I was a sales manager. In studying that field and performing in that, I can truly appreciate a good sales manager, and as well a good salesperson.

I’ve studied cooking to a certain degree and even considered being a chef in the early days, but the best thing I got out of cooking was appreciating a really good cook.

Reading has opened up a vast world of appreciation for me especially for people in many areas of life that I have read of from presidents to inventors to business tycoons to sailing ship captains, and much more. To know where they started and where they traveled was to be amazed. Conrad Hilton, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, and the list goes on and on. Each opened a whole new world of appreciation.

It is also the simple things that we do like vacuuming, cleaning, washing clothes, folding clothes, gardening, shrub and tree trimming to name a few that I have done and do not care for or attain a skill level of, and yet I can appreciate someone who does those things well, and especially someone who enjoys doing them well.

We’ve all done so many things in our lives and I expect that you too find appreciation in those who have done those things too. You may also, as I do, appreciate those who excel at things we’ve done, yet whether they excel or do a thing poorly, we have a better understanding of how that happens too. We can relate. We can appreciate. And, we can do those things without actually experiencing doing a thing.

We can appreciate anything we look at when we allow ourselves to do that. If I were teaching a child at the earliest age, or anyone at any age, I would need only say this: Learn to appreciate. Developing that will lead to a very happy journey and a delightful life.

I Also Appreciate My Own Readers. Some Of You Have Been Reading These For Many Years. I Appreciate Your Generosity! Thank you! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding appreciation. It’s the same vibration as joy.

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