Renewing Our Perspective

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“Celebrity gives us delusion of self-importance."
— Al Goldstein
[Classic post from 12-2-11]
The photo above is one of my favorites to help keep me in the proper perspective of the vastness of the world and beyond. There I am but a dinky speck above the huge Pacific Ocean–a small bit of it at least.
It’s easy to live in our own world, up close and personal, become engaged in reacting and responding to the stimuli around us. It is a very good thing to step outside of that comfort zone or war zone for just a few hours to realign with the grander scheme of things.
It also makes God so much more than we many times make Him out to be.
The World Knows I’m Much More Important To Myself
 Spread Some Joy Today–Get away for a bit and change your perspective for a few hours.
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