Releasing Our Self-Limitations

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“The wall of inability 
can only be built 
with one's mind." 
— Edmond Mbiaka 

[Classic post from 4-7-16]

I was thinking about how we often limit ourselves without even realizing that we are doing so. We think they are external limitations, yet they are very rarely that. They are almost always internal, in our mind, based on our perceptions of our current reality, and our so-called lack of resources.

Indeed, we not only have set our own limitations, we argue for them. Richard Bach said, “Argue for your limitations, and they are yours." Often we will argue angrily for our limitations with friends and anyone else who might listen. It is pretty easy to get an agreement with a world full of woes. Everybody has some, and they are often shared with each other with the idea of getting them off our chest, but instead, we still get to keep ours, only now they are enhanced by the input of others.

I like how Abraham, Esther Hicks says that every morning when we get up we have been reset, and the only thing keeping us where we are is thinking the same thoughts we did yesterday. Every moment is a new reset if we choose it to be. We can stop our limiting thoughts and begin thinking God-like unlimited possibility thoughts any time we want to. Chris Guillebeau says that “quitting is a valuable skill." We need not hold on to what has been unless we choose to.

Abraham, Esther Hicks acknowledges, “Once you've decided that you want something, the opposite of it is going to be very much a part of your awareness, too." And, so it is that we see wanted and unwanted in the same reality; however, they add, “To live in the what-is of your day, with wanted and unwanted, and to focus primarily on the wanted is the formula for a joyous life experience."

Consider that. If there is any work involved (and it isn't really working at all), it is holding our focus, or constantly reminding ourselves to focus on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted. Somebody said, “no." Someone beat you to the deal. The clock ran out. You had to work late and missed the opportunity. The list is endless of all the unwanted that can be within what-is our what we often call reality, but again, the work is only to turn from that and refocus on what is wanted while ignoring or letting go of what is unwanted.

We also limit ourselves by defining our goals to precision. Clarity can be good, but clarity can also point out how much more unwanted is out there.

The better way to concentrate on what is wanted and know we are there is by realizing how we feel. If we are focused on what we want, we will feel good. When we are focused on what we do not want, we are not feeling good. It's that easy to know. Our feelings are the best guide we have available to us. When we think of having no limitations, we will feel good, when we count and express our limitations, we feel crappy.

So, one could say, utilizing a popular phrase, when it feels like shit, it is. At the same time, with a different focus, one could say, when it feels like bliss, it is. When it feels like bliss it is wanted, when it feels like shit, how in the world could we want that? We don't. None of us do. Yet, that's how we feel when we are focused on our limitations, on what-is, on our reality, on all the problems and roadblocks, on our lack of resources, and more.

I am often reminded of that Indiana Jones movie where the gatekeeper says, “He chose poorly," because it reminds me that we all get to choose our limitations or to choose unlimited.

I Want Unlimited. I Have So Many Choices Every Day. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by releasing some of those limitations we put on our joy.

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