Reason Isn’t The Reason

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“Everything happens as a result…"

To me, it is so fatalistic to think everything happens for a reason as if we are here to learn a bunch of lessons, and hopefully, we’re all paying attention and good students to boot. Not. It smacks of something outside of us that is directing us in learning these lessons by giving us these “opportunities" to learn, quite often the hard way so that the lesson then is supposed to be more valuable or something.

Heck, I used that phrase a lot too trying to make sense of things. But now, I am certain (at least for myself) that we are creators and that we create things, events, situations. Everything happens as a result. . . of our thinking, our attitudes, our beliefs, our moods, our actions, our choices. We choose things from the plethora of things to choose from and what happens is a result of any or all of those things. There might be reason involved and maybe not, but reason isn’t the reason.

Accepting responsibility for my own thinking, actions and emotions have brought me a great deal of joy. There is joy in accepting ourselves as creators rather than blaming or excuse finding.

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