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It’s so easy to appreciate beauty, to appreciate something that you are attracted to, or that you like without any consideration. Puppies are so cute and so easy to love. There’s no forward movement in this. This is the way that people who feel bad a good deal of the time find appreciation. I challenge you to find a better way of life than that.

The way to do that is to find something—even one little thing—to appreciate about every single person you see or interact with. I have practiced this enough to know that there is always something to appreciate in another. They may be so traditionally ugly that you are repulsed initially, but if you look further, you will find something to appreciate. Just like in the graffiti example, it is easy to hate graffiti, especially gang-style graffiti, but in going further, there is something to appreciate.

No matter what it is, there is something in it to appreciate. You could think of the worst events in human history and there are things within them to appreciate. Another way to look at appreciation is that there are benefits in so-called tragedies. Some use the phrase, there is always a silver lining. I believe that is true. It is only that so often we are focused on seeing what is bad about it, feeling bad about it, and the Law of Attraction is never-failing and will help you with more things about that and other things to feel bad about and find fault in. We become blinded to the good within, and the benefits it brings.

Once you can accept this premise that I have found through experience to be true, a whole new world opens up to you where you do not see things as you used to see them. You will no longer look on so-called tragedies, or bad events as all negative. You will begin looking for what is good and right about it, and if you can’t see it immediately, you can imagine what could be right and good about it. As you practice the premise that there is good in it, you will find good in it. What you focus on draws the energy needed to see. The Law of Attraction is also at work and never-failing here as it does in anything you focus on regardless of how it feels to you. Look for and find good things to see, and the Law of Attraction will help you find more good things to see. That is how the Law of Attraction works—things that are like unto itself are drawn. It matters not what they are. We get to choose our focus every time. No one can focus for us or choose for us without our full permission.

In every situation, in every moment, we have the choice to choose to feel good or not. We have the choice to find something to appreciate or not. We have the choice to be a grateful person or not. The world does not drive us. That is like the tail wagging the dog. We either choose to or choose not to. We make our choices consciously or unconsciously they are made for us. Either way is a choice.

I choose appreciation. I choose to be a grateful person. I choose to be thankful. I choose joy. I choose to feel good.

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