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“For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed,
but he that expects much–if he lives and uses that
in hand day by day–shall be full to running over."
— Edgar Cayce
“We usually get what we anticipate…"
— Claude M Bristol
[Classic post from 2-23-11]
Now in dealing with a lot of different businesses and business owners and managers, I find some interesting things happening. It's like the quotes above. We see them, we acknowledge them, it even makes perfect sense, but they don't live in the real world, do they? They are for someone else because in the real world we got a recession going on and people out of work and, you know, lots of problems to deal with. I want it to go away and I want prosperity, but there is all this stuff.
I totally get it. Totally. Heck, I play that tune myself sometimes. Then, my partner catches me saying some crap, or I catch him (maybe more him catching me. . .). You know, even the most positive wells can leak from time to time.
But, here's the deal. Reality is just an idea. When we focus on an idea, that thought multiplies and begins attracting what we think about. If I'm okay with the reality I'm focused on, no problem. If I'm wanting something else, that is a serious problem.
There's no way around it that I have found other than focusing on what we want and expecting good things while we do everything in our power to IGNORE a current reality that is not what we want. That means that if I want prosperity, I have to ignore the news about, people talking about, friends Facebooking about what is wrong with the economy.
Here's another way: Drive over to your local Wal-Mart store, park where you can watch the traffic of people coming in and parking and going in and coming out. That is prosperity in full view in the real world in today's real-time. So, then any time you might get bummed that the economy is sucking, business is not booming, etc., just drive back over to Wal-Mart and watch for a while. Think Cha-Ching!
Prosperity exists. Get excited about where you are in pursuit of what you want and expect that things are getting better regardless of the size of your current bank account. Completely ignore that aspect and focus on your success. Believe me, it works. Upward Trend, our website marketing business grew by 25% last month. In one month, the whole business grew by 25%! The biggest thing about that is our excitement about it and expectations of success.
Turn off the news including the talk radio in the car. It will be there when you come back. Now, change your habits and start talking, dreaming, sharing your success. Start planning your new corporate headquarters ahead of the need. Watch what happens.
Who Cares What It Is? I Got More Important Things To Pay Attention To. See Ya!
Spread Some Joy Today–find the best in everyone you see today. Forget the flaws. Totally ignore them. Think about what is right, is good, is cool. Don't miss yourself.
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