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“When you feel love for yourself or for another, you are a perfect Vibrational Match to the Source within you. When you feel hatred or anger toward someone else or toward yourself, you are nowhere near the vibrational equivalent of your Source–and the vibrational variance between who you’re letting yourself be and who-you-really-are is noted to you by your negative emotion. Negative emotion, whatever degree of it you’re experiencing, always means to that degree you’re pinching yourself off from the fullness of who-you-are.

When you allow yourself, in your physical human form, to ride the rocket of desire that the Source within you is riding, you feel passion, you feel enthusiasm, you feel love, you feel certainty, you feel flexibility and vitality, you are energized… you are in love with life–that is who-you-really are. And when you feel frustration, when you feel overwhelment, when you feel anger or greater anger, when you feel rage or disappointment, when you feel fear or depression, you are pinching yourself off incrementally more and more and more and more from who-you-really-are.

And so, we want you to understand that the emotions that you feel are (in every moment that you are feeling them, whether they feel like love or whether they feel like despair)–the emotion that you are feeling is always, every single time, your indicator of your vibrational relationship between who life has caused you to become and who you’re letting yourself be, right here in this moment, by virtue of whatever it is you’re giving you attention to."

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

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