Perfect Faith. Perfect Trust. Perfect Comfort. Perfect Love.

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“I mean, where else am I going?" 
 — Mike Dooley,
A.K.A., The Universe 

[Classic post from 3-8-16]

As I was contemplating inspiring words this morning, I had to share another one of Mike Dooley's inspiring messages that I receive every day. He is speaking from the perspective of The Universe, or God, or whatever name you choose to represent that which we are not (or at least it might seem that way!).

This morning's message was to me all about perfect faith, perfect trust, perfect comfort, and perfect love. Here it is in his few words:

“I am always there. 
I am always helping. 
I never leave you. 
I was there yesterday. 
And every day before that. 
I'm with you now, 
 and I'll be there every day 
that ever follows. 
I mean, where else am I going? 
— The Universe" 

I hope that simple, delightful, and full-of-wisdom message touches you even a tidbit of how it touched me this morning. We get so carried away with stuff in our lives that we forget that we are created of God, that we are part of God, that we can trust in that aspect of our being, and that God is as caring for us as we allow. Even if all we did was pretend that all that quote is true, that would be of sufficient force and power to make our day a grand one. Oh, and pay attention to how it feels to feel so at peace!

Thanks, Mike! Thank You, God. Thank You, Universe. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding something, just one thing that you can allow to bring you joy, and then simply relax and watch the flood cometh.

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