Our Presence Is In The Present

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“The past has no power
to stop you from being present now. 
Only your grievance about the past 
can do that." 
— Eckart Tolle 

[Classic post from 6-24-16]

The past has only the power that we give it now. Memories only have the power that we give them now. What is over is over except when we re-member it and re-live it today. The only power that exists is in the present, right now. If we give the past or the future any power now it is given from the power of the present.

Can we re-live the past? Of course. In the present. Can we change the past? Of course. In the present. However, the past is not really being changed, but only our perception of the past, or rather, only our feelings about the past. Once a thing is outside of the present, it is unchangeable as it was, but changeable only as it is in the present.

In other words, it’s all about softening our memories of the past. We can’t go back and do it over or do it differently, but we can think about it differently if we feel that this is important for us to do in order to more fully live in the present now. It’s more like letting go of the rope of resistance that we have a tendency to hold on to because of how we feel about the past. Once the rope is dropped, it’s over. Done. Moving on now.

Wanting our past to be different than it was is an itch that cannot be satisfied no matter how much scratching and rubbing is done. What is better even than trying to soften those memories is simply to let them be. Let the past rest in the past. I did that. They did that. It was that. I felt crappy at the time. I was happy at the time. Whatever it was, was then. Serving it up years later in our today moments takes so much power from our enjoyment of what is now.

We are creators. Let us create anew. The only place we can create is in the present. Let us focus on creating right now, never again worrying about what was or what might be.

This Is The Realm Of Joy, Love, Appreciation, Delight. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by doing just that today, right now. Even if it’s only the dog that you’re spreading it to, it is being broadcast, and the best part is that you created it right now. You’re in sole charge of your joy. There is no other power.

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