Our Amazing Bodies

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Our bodies are such amazing creations. The size of our body changes all the time. Sometimes the changes are small, and everything fits as it has and other times, we have alternate sized clothing standing by to handle the changes. We may delight in eating to the point of having added some inches and pounds and yet the body knows what to do with that excess. It stores it for future needs in the form of fat. We rarely notice the feeling of an added 10 lbs. or more because it is stored throughout the body and our body adapts to that new environment pretty easily. So instead of condemning ourselves for eating too much or of having gained some pounds, we can praise our body for how brilliantly it handles the additional load we have given it. The body didn’t gain weight on its own. It was our choices that brought this on; however, there is no value whatsoever in belittling ourselves, berating ourselves, seeing ourselves in a negative light. Praise, acceptance and Loving will change all of that. Begin immediately and allow this new attitude of what you look like to yourself to change you for the better. Now you can Love yourself no matter what.

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