Only What You Bring With You

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The only love you will find in a relationship is the love you bring with you. Or, how about this one: the only success you will find in that job is the success that you bring with you. Or, the only peace you will find there is the peace you bring there. Or, the only happiness you will receive in doing that is a consequence of the happiness you choose to feel.

So many times, we look outside of ourselves for something that cannot be found and could not be there unless we first had it and brought it with us. They say that you cannot love someone else until you love yourself. Many might even disagree with that statement, so I'll phrase it differently: the depth of love you can feel for someone else is limited to the depth of love you can feel for yourself. I don't mean a self-righteous kind of love (assuming that is one. . .), but a releasing kind of love or relaxing kind of love as in a letting go of conditions attached to love.

Letting go is a perfect way to describe the whole experience I'm referring to here. Let go of concerns, rules, regulations, parental attitudes. What is left is peace, contentment, love, appreciation.

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