My Eyes Don’t Actually See

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“Mishaps are like knives
that either serve us or cut us
as we grasp them
by the blade or handle."
— James Russell Lowell
“The components
of anxiety, stress, fear, and anger
do not exist independently
of you in the world.
They simply do not exist
in the physical world,
even though we talk about them
as if they do."
— Wayne Dyer
[Classic post from 3-9-11]
The other day, I walked out by the pool and it struck me suddenly that my eyes do not see. My eyes only receive. They are not active in seeing as a task but are receivers. As I thought about that sudden thought, I realized it was true because at night, when I cannot see very well, I would be able to see if my eyes actually saw. Light wouldn't really have any effect. As it is, my eyes reflect the light available and the mind then interprets that data to create vision. Whatever we see, we interpret and make judgments in our minds, which is ultimately what we see. I realize that I'm tickling this idea, but I do have a point.
Then, a couple of days ago, someone told me how they have so many things that are causing stress in their life. I didn't swim upstream with the person, for that would be pointless, but I thought about that concept and it made me think about seeing again.
We take data into our minds via the physical senses, and then we interpret that data by comparing it with what is in the memory and making judgments, which causes our view or individual interpretation of what we are experiencing. Some might interpret that as stress, or pressure being applied without our desire or permission. As long as this is the case, that person will always be blaming external circumstances, events, and other people on what they think, when the ultimate reality is that this is not actually possible. It is really a choice, regardless of how poorly it serves the chooser.
The one thing that separates us from everything else is our ability to choose our thoughts or to interpret our thoughts based on an experience. The only question worth asking at this stage is if our thoughts serving us or cutting us? We get to choose the handle or the blade.
Stress Is A Personal Affliction.
Spread Some Joy Today–Let go and let joy. Wow! That was easy!
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