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 “Don’t fight forces, use them."
— R Buckminster Fuller
“Focus on the solution, not the problem."
— Walter Anderson
[Classic post from 3-5-11]
Yesterday, I had an issue to deal with and I enjoyed it very much. I had to call a company that does some work for our company. It would be incredibly easy to be upset about the problem, re-explaining it again and again in higher and higher tones. And, it would be very typical, even for me, but I’ve been practicing something different.
I explained the situation and the fact that the two people before this guy didn’t solve the issue, but I was complimenting the company–sincerely, of course–because they are a great company and do excellent work most of the time, and they generally fix it when there is a problem. Nonetheless, I wanted this issue solved immediately and so I used my newfound calm persistence to see it through to a successful completion.
As I was looking at quotes, I saw the one by Buckminster Fuller, and the first thought that came to my mind was taking Judo lessons when I was around 13 years old. What little I remember about Judo was that you don’t fight the force or the strike, but you move with it, thereby deleting most or all of its adverse effect. Then, at the same time, you use their momentum with a few little techniques to have their intended effect turned instead on them. And, all so smoothly and almost effortlessly.
I know this may not be logical, but the next thing I thought of was that phone call. I was thinking of how these service reps must learn to do Judo with the caller when they are upset, which is probably a higher percentage than they might like. I know they are trained to be calm in the face of anger and frustration. I also thought that it must be a joy for them to not have to deal with anger and frustration, but to just deal with the problem and get it solved as quickly as possible while still enjoying the day.
How we deal with problems says a lot about who we are and where we are emotionally. Since I began to practice the calm persistence idea, it has transformed the way I deal with issues. Although I still might get upset, or even a bit tinkled, it is almost momentary in caparison with the way it used to be. I tell you what, that makes me feel wonderful and like a Judo black belt.
How Can I Feel Good And Deal With Problems At The Same Time? Don’t Focus On The Problem. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–whatever problems you have today, focus on feeling good by focusing on the solutions, or at the very least, something pleasant.
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