Minding My Own Business

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“That which any of us
has to offer of greatest value
is the example of that which we are." 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Sometimes you may be as I have so many times been–way too focused on what others are doing, reacting to what I think others are thinking about, and trying (not very hard) to understand what they are thinking and doing, putting them on a pedestal in envy, and throwing them in a pit of rejection, when all I really need to do for a happier life is to focus on myself, and being the best me I can be, saying and doing what I feel is best for me, and not worrying about anyone else.

My mother used to call that “minding my own business." Of course, I never understood it that way back then, but it meant the same thing basically. There's always so much going on around us, but the most wonderful thing to realize is that we control that so much more than we think we do by our own thoughts about whatever is going on and how we feel about it, which determines how our own world is evolving. Our world is always changing and moving as is the physical world we think we know. Since we are the creator of that world, we can actively change it as we choose. It requires only a little awareness, and desire to use our creative spirit to mold that to that which is pleasing to us–or not as we alone will choose.

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