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Making A Difference Week
“Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does."
— William James
[Classic post from 12-10-11]
The final installment on the Making A Difference Week thoughts. This one comes full circle to this: We all make a difference! We can’t help but make a difference.
Think of it as the smallest pebble or droplet that falls into a smooth and calm body of water. It matters not if it is a bowl two inches deep and a few inches wide or whether it is the Pacific Ocean. When that drop touches the surface there is a ripple effect that expands outward for even a great distance.
Probably the real difference is twofold. One, we may not realize that we make a difference. William James makes that clear with the quote above. Two, we may not realize that we have the power to purposely make a difference. In his quote above, he says to “act as if." This is to purposely choose to recognize the power that we can make a difference to others, and the way to get started is to act as if what we do, say, and think matters. It does.
It comes down to the question of what. What kind of difference am I making? What kind of difference do I want to make? A good answer is another question: What makes me feel good? When I find thoughts to think, things to do that cause me to feel good, I am on the right track of making a difference actively. Doing things, thinking the way other people want me to be or think won’t do that. It must be driven by what makes me feel good.
So, whether we choose on purpose, or choose by not choosing, we all make a difference in this world. Viva la difference!
“Your Thoughts, Words And Deeds Are Painting The World Around You." — Jewel Diamond Taylor
Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy making a difference because you do!
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