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“Pure love and suspicion
cannot dwell together;
at the door where the latter enters,
the former makes its exit." 

— Alexander Dumas 

[Classic post from 2-10-17]

Love and fear cannot co-mingle, as they are faced in opposite directions, and yet in our daily experience, we see this attempt so often. But, that is only because it is not pure love. It is instead something that the ego created to cause us to feel good when things are going as we want, and to feel fear when they are not. This is a serialized version of the ego's primary function of immediate reaction in the fight or flight response.

She says, “I love him, but I fear that he is cheating on me." She says, “I love him, and yet I can never really trust a man who stays late at work so often." He or she says, “that same thing happened in my family and I can see that it is happening now to me." He says, “I love my job, but I hate my boss." She says, “I hate my job, but I need the money." He says, “Jesus taught us to love our enemies, but that was easy for Him, but I live in the nuclear age." And, well, this list is as long as forever and is so common that we have come to expect love and fear to be perfect partners. That could only be as we do not understand what love is.

Love is this: We love or we do not. Love does not allow loving this and hating that. Where there is love, there is no possibility of hate or fear. It is pure peace, pure acceptance, pure joy. Or it is not, but it is not love and fear.

Once we recognize love, pure love, unconditional love–you know, the love of God for us, we find that to stray from it is completely numbing ourselves to joy.

Fear says, “Protect. Protect. Protect. Defend. Defend. Defend." And, love says, “Accept. Appreciate. Release. Freedom! Peace! Joy! This is why there can be no suspicion and love in the same place. There is love or there is suspicion, but there can never be both at the same time.

Of course in love, there would be no movies and novels because there would be no antagonists. There would be no news as we think of news now because there would be nothing to fear, and nothing to predict or analyze. So, we so often live with the alternative fact that we love others and can fear them at the same time.

Pure Love Is All There Really Is. Anything Else Is Simply Turning Away. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by opening yourself to the pure joy of pure love and allowing the world and all others who live within it to do as they choose for themselves.

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