Daily Inspiration 5-14-14

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“Living in a way that reflects one’s values 
is not just about what you do,
it is also about how you do things.” 

— Deborah Day 

I’m sure you’ve heard it said to “take time to reflect.” The idea is to reflect, or look at the past and try to gain some wisdom or insight from it. I used to do that often–in fact, too often I think. There is something to be gained from this perhaps, but I’ve found something better.

I wanted to take charge of my reflection. Pay attention to what I reflect, for what I reflect onto others, to the world outside, is pretty much what is inside. I like how Wayne Dyer said, “What comes out of your when you are squeezed is what is inside of you.” Often it is during testing times that we see the real people exposed.

As I pay attention to my reflection, I am aware that I must make my concentration on the inside so that what shows on the outside, or what comes out in my speech and action is what I want. Whatever is inside will be matched in the reflection, even if we try to cover some things, or try to be someone we are not.

What Is Your Reflection Saying, Doing, Being? 

Spread Some Joy Today–Simply decide to have joy. Say, ‘I will experience joy today.’ Of course, you need not wait. Say, ‘I will experience joy right now!’ Then, if that feels good, do it again, and again, and again. . .

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