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“Give up being right. 
Instead radiate peace, harmony, 
love, and laughter from your heart." 
— Deepak Chopra 

[Classic post from 6-19-16]

The need to be right is a whole bunch of work. The number of those who are wrong is huge and constantly growing and so being right requires continual growth and expansion, using up more and more resources until it’s like an overloaded computer crashing. Whew! Who knew being right was such a challenge?

It isn’t much fun either. The rewards are minor, and the efforts major. So letting go of that rope of resistance is a perfect thing to do. Yet, often loving instead of being right appears to be hard to do. It’s not. Lay down the rope, and then it is easy. Hold on to the rope and keep pulling, and it is hard.

So, I thought today that I would re-energize some ideas that can help make the transition more fun and more enjoyable. Get some cheap spiral notebooks or legal-type pads, or you can use a word document on your computer. I’ll share three list ideas, and I highly recommend them all.

1. I Love… This is remembering things that you have loved. Simple things. Complicated things. It doesn’t matter what, just keep adding more and more and more until you’re back in love again. Here’s some of mine that are still true and I still love: I love. . . the smell of wet concrete on a hot day, a full tank of gas, new tires on my truck, riding around with Charlie (he loves to ride!), the smell of the morning at sunrise, the sound of birds in my courtyard.

I think you’ll find that it is the simple things, the things we don’t give much thought to that will hit this list. Keep it where you can find it quickly and add to it often.

2. I Appreciate… Where the I Love list is like memories of things, this is more focused on the present. Just make an ongoing list of what you appreciate. Here are some ideas: I Appreciate laughter. Kindness. Sunshine. Clouds. Traffic controls (just imagine the havoc without them!). My truck. My life. Etc.

Feel free to add some of these to the I Love list and vise versa. They are the same vibration, it’s just that one is more like a memory and the other is happening now.

3. My Book of Positive Aspects. This goes into more detail about how you think and feel positively, lovingly, appreciatively about something or someone. Start a new page for each subject and write as long as it feels good. Now that you’ve recorded it, that will be there if you ever want to review it, but the real value is in thinking about it and writing it in the book. There is great power in that doing.

I predict that these three, and even any one of them will be a grand tool toward feeling good, releasing resistance, renewing your view of life, enjoying yourself more, enjoying others more, loving more. There is no being right in any of these. There is only love and appreciation.

Happy Father’s Day. Happy Person Day. Happy Day. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by writing out your loving thoughts. You might even share them with someone too.

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