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“Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved.”

― William P. Young

In the last few years, I have learned a good deal about trust. Abraham, Esther Hicks might call that allowing rather than trust, and that is fine with me because trust is allowing and allowing is trust. Particularly in the last three years, I have made some decisions that required me to trust the outcome and to trust in those I was dealing with. So far, everything has worked out better than I might have anticipated.

There are signs I’ve had on my wall for several years and have even moved from place to place. Actually, there are three signs, and they are shown in the image here. Things are always working out for me is great because it requires trust to have this come to pass. What is My job and How is God’s job also keeps me in trust, especially when I am willing to relinquish control (my ego) and allow myself the benefit and liberation of not needing to know the exact outcome, yet know deep down that whatever it is will always be working out for me. And the third sign, Enjoy the unfolding is also about trust and allowing and also to be present here and now and enjoy the journey which always contains learning.

It is fascinating to me that these three signs not only have been with me for a while but that I now see them as all focused on trust and allowing. It is obvious now how much I have needed to learn more about trust, trusting, and allowing without needing to know all the details. It is also important to recognize that these signs have been active reminders in steering me toward my bliss, my joy, building more confidence in the magic of trust.

Learning to trust in several big decisions and their results have also taught me to trust hundreds of smaller decisions and situations. I stand amazed at how much I have learned about trusting the decision and the outcome no matter what it is in so short a time. This brings more joy, peace, and appreciation with every act of faith.

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