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“Impatience is not a time issue
or a mark of selfishness.
It is a trust issue
and a statement of fear.”

— Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 9-16-12]

I downloaded a book on my Kindle a few weeks back and I got about 15% into it, and tonight I opened it back up and started reading more. The book title is Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment by Alan Cohen. So, as I’m back reading, he is talking about having patience and how many people he knows and coaches are type ‘A’ people who are always having to ‘do’ something, and stopping for a bit of peace is not on the agenda–in fact, it isn’t even on their radar.

That reading caused me to remember a meeting I had a couple of days ago with two men. One was very easy going and enthusiastic and quite interested. He was engaged and asked questions, and really wanted to understand the whole picture as much as he could in a relatively short meeting. The other gentleman was obvious in his impatience. He wanted different answers. In fact, I believe he just wanted a miracle to appear right in the room, and then he wouldn’t have to deal with it. Yet, he persevered in allowing the other gentleman to ask questions and receive answers.

At the end of the meeting, the curious one asked yet another question and then started into a story. As we were standing and I was listening, I couldn’t help but notice the other gentleman was looking more aggravated than impatient, so I suggested we move out of the office and end the meeting. We did.

And then, tonight, I read the quote above as part of the text in the book and I was amazed how powerfully it is stated and how true it seems to be. Impatience is not normally stated as fear, but, of course, that is exactly what it is. Yet it is even more in that the one who is impatient is not present. They are somewhere else. They are way ahead and the rest of us are holding up the way just like an impatient driver following on your tail. Indeed, they want to be somewhere else, get different answers, and more. It is resistance and not conducive to success.

Alan says in the book that “Things happen when they are ripe–not before or after. If you try to force something before it is ready, it won’t work.” So true. We still think otherwise as is often taught in that we have to ‘make things happen.’ A better route is to allow things to happen, and this requires patience.

He also quoted a Bible verse from James 1:4, which says, “And let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.”

I am amazed in the last few months of the volume and depth of things I am learning about patience and in so doing, applying them in my business and my life and amazed again at how successful that application really is.

“Patience Is Natural To Those Who Trust”
— A Course in Miracles

Spread Some Joy Today–Find your patience. It is only for you to control.

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