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“Loneliness does not come 
from having no people around you, 
but from being unable to communicate 
the things that seem important to you." 
— Carl Jung 

[Classic post from 2-16-16]

Many times I’ve been in a large room full of people and have felt alone. People are mingling, shooting the breeze, and to me, more often than not, they are saying nothing of significance. I detest small talk. It is so unsatisfying and so impersonal. Consequently, I avoid situations like that in my life now.

Yet, I love to talk to people and to listen to people when significant things are being shared. It is a sharing of a bit of who we are inside and being increasingly fearless enough to share deeper tidbits that we all carry within.

I can readily think of some people that I could listen to for days. I might say only a handful of words or questions that keep them sharing their knowledge and insights and passions. It is a special thing indeed. Listening to someone who is sharing like that is far better than me talking about my thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I enjoy it so much that it would be great to do only that, though it is also good to be able to share.

Then also, there are a number of ways for me to share. I’m sharing in these Daily Inspirations. And occasionally, I get to share in person with someone who has enough interest to allow that to happen. Still, I don’t learn as much from myself talking and learn a great deal more from others.

This would happen more often if people were more willing to risk. The best way to encourage them to risk is to ask questions. This is true in regular conversations and it is true in sales situations. In sales, we learn almost nothing by telling them what we have to offer, so the best sales situation is asking questions and getting people to open up. It’s amazing how many customers then turn out to be good friends because we allowed them to share themselves with us in the process.

This kind of communication probably doesn’t happen often enough in romantic relationships and marriages too. Long ago, I remember going to a Marriage Encounter Weekend, and the thing that stuck with me from that was each of us writing out our most pure thoughts and reading them without judgment. I think the thing that holds us all back is the fear of judgment. If we can let that go, the roadblocks are gone.

I hope that you allow great conversations to take place, sharing things of great significance, and even enjoying listening more than talking.

There Is Magic In That. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself the freedom to express your joy.

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